Our Mission

CanniControl is committed to empowering individuals and organizations struggling with cannabis abuse and addiction.

We are Pioneering Strategies to Address Problematic Cannabis Use

We strive to improve lives and reduce the potential for harm through our novel products and support services. While we seek to empower individuals to have control over their use, we are not “anti-cannabis” and we support efforts to legalize adult cannabis use and study.


Cannabis produces dependence at rates lower than most other illicit drugs (e.g. cocaine, opiates). However, because so many people use, cannabis dependence is twice as prevalent as dependence on any other illicit psychoactive substance.

Support Services

We offer tools to support individuals and organizations struggling with chronic cannabis use, including educational materials, self-help guides, and more.

Risk Management

We offer risk mitigation solutions for forward-thinking cannabis industry participants who recognize the potential for harm and seek to implement protective measures.

Contact Us

Please contact us at any time! Your opinions, suggestions, and feedback are always welcome.

We Are Driven by Accomplishment

We are building CanniControl for the long term. Our culture values the highest quality work, methodical research, and lasting collaborations with experts in our field. We are constantly striving to expand our understanding of cannabis use, abuse, and dependence in an effort to help individuals in need.

Paul R. Peluso

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Clinical Research

Brian S. Canfield

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Clinical Research

Richard Duhe

Member, Advisory Board, Mental Health Counseling

Doug Cress

Founder and Director