CanniControl Labs

We are advancing novel tools and educational resources to empower chronic cannabis users desiring change. is a free, web-based resource that distills the facts about marijuana use and its effects into practical guidance. We provide timely and well-researched information on marijuana withdrawal, addiction, and treatment options.

CQ: Virtual Quitting Assistant

CQ is a your very own assistant who chats with you to offer insight and encouragement to help you gain control over your cannabis use. CQ explains and contextualizes many of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience, while also providing tips to work through them.

Use Reduction Products

CanniControl is developing a research-based product line to help individuals reduce the cravings and physical symptoms often encountered when attempting to reduce or discontinue cannabis use.

Nighttime Support Formula

The Nighttime Support Formula is for adults who have occasional difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. The Nighttime Support Formula is designed for short term use to help promote sleep and relaxation.