We help cannabis industry participants address concerns stemming from cannabis use and abuse.

Support Services for Cannabis Industry Participants

We help cannabis industry participants implement smart policies, workplace training, and assistance programs that help employees and customers cope with their problems, heal themselves, and move forward in a positive direction. We understand cannabis use and abuse and are committed to having a lasting, positive impact on your organization.

Consultation to Businesses and Organizations

CanniControl offers tools to support organizations struggling with cannabis use and abuse, including educational materials, self-help guides, virtual seminars, in-service training, and risk management workshops.

Our team of licensed professionals are available to work with your company to provide confidential assessment and referral for employees and other individuals who need assistance and support in reducing or controlling their cannabis use.

  • Educational Content
  • Self-help Guides
  • Educational Seminars
  • In-service Training
  • Risk-management Workshops